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Darren Hayes Fans

this delicate fandom we've made

6/15/14 04:00 am - ooalaowl

Hey everyone! I'm new to the community.

I didn't join excitedly, though. :-( I had the 'opportunity' to meet Darren for the very first time in London about a month ago. I was just smitten, tickled pink at first. My brother and I were eating at our favourite Chinese restaurant when Darren walked into the place like he owned it. He was extremely rude to the waiter, called a waitress a chink and spilled his mineral water all over my brand new shoes. I had absolutely no idea this man was such a racist wanker prick. I'm quite shocked, really, that he wasn't arrested for his speech. It seems he would learn after his last appalling incident in 2007.

I'm so disappointed. But, on the bright side, my brother was able to pirate all of the b-sides from Secret Codes & Battleships for me. It's nearly impossible to find those!

2/23/13 02:16 pm - chiaradiluna - Darren Hayes replied to me :)

Darren Hayes actually replied to one of my tweets on twitter!

yes I know this is how twitter works and he replies to other fans as well, but let me have my moment okay


4/14/12 11:56 am - sunhawk - Stupid Mistake - official video

If you lovely fans haven't seen this video yet, you must! :)

4/14/12 04:33 pm - fa_hab_u_lous - 16 "Stupid Mistake" icons. :)

Just 16 Darren Hayes icons.

Right hurrr.
Please comment and credit if you take any. :)

12/25/11 08:11 pm - chiaradiluna - And darling I'll follow you down to the ground (x-posted)

Happy Holidays, Darren Fans :)

I got this today ...

Darren Hayes - Secret Codes and Battleships (Special Edition 2CD Set)

Darren Hayes - Secret Codes and Battleships (Special Edition 2CD Set - CD1 & Inside)

It is amazing, and the book is beautiful! I still want the Collector's Boxset here, though. :D

11/30/11 03:02 pm - chiaradiluna - Darren Hayes Vs. Madonna - A Holiday Crush.wmv (by Plink1023)

I thought this was awesome. I also love his covers of 80s Madonna songs. :p

Made (by Plink1023).

11/30/11 12:36 am - chiaradiluna - Darren Hayes - Bloodstained Heart (Live Acoustic)

He is flawless live, my god.

11/12/11 01:13 pm - breathesunshine - Secret Codes & Battleships

Since no one has actually posted about his new album. I thought I would.

I was able to buy the Deluxe version off of iTunes. And I don't feel bad about it at all. There are some amazing songs on this album and it's sad that it isn't getting the attention that it should.

My favorite song at the moment is Nearly Love. Speaks very well for me; never actually been in love love before, but a couple times it was a near thing. And Glorious is so sweet for a love song; beautiful, is another favorite.

There is also song or two that reminds me a little of Savage Garden, he really hasn't released anything like that since Spin.

Anyway, I just want to gush over this amazing album . . . hopefully with fellow fans.

7/13/11 12:28 am - sunhawk - Talk Talk Talk EPK

Lovely presskit video for the new album and TTT :)
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