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Secret Codes & Battleships

Since no one has actually posted about his new album. I thought I would.

I was able to buy the Deluxe version off of iTunes. And I don't feel bad about it at all. There are some amazing songs on this album and it's sad that it isn't getting the attention that it should.

My favorite song at the moment is Nearly Love. Speaks very well for me; never actually been in love love before, but a couple times it was a near thing. And Glorious is so sweet for a love song; beautiful, is another favorite.

There is also song or two that reminds me a little of Savage Garden, he really hasn't released anything like that since Spin.

Anyway, I just want to gush over this amazing album . . . hopefully with fellow fans.
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This album is by far my favorite of all his solo work. I've spent many an hour, driving in the dark and in the rain, just taking it all in.
I have to agree, never thought it would happen since I just adore the heck out of Delicate Thing.
Same here. But this album is special, it really is.
True true.

Hard question, but which songs are your favorites?
taken by the sea
don't give up
bloodstained heart
siren's call

Taken by the Sea
Nearly Love
God Walking into the Room
Siren's Call
God Walking Into The Room is also a favorite. I've been contemplating Darren lyrics to complete my chest tattoo situation and I'm stuck on "my faith in love with survive"
The lyrics for this song is just beautiful. Especially that verse.
I love it! I must admit, Delicate Thing will always be one of my favorite albums ever (tied in first place with Tegan and Sara's The Con) but this one is so well done and he sounds absolutely amazing.

I think I got the deluxe edition? That's the one that has Glorious and Nothing and the acoustic versions of Talk Talk Talk and Black Out The Sun on it, right?
Yep that's the deluxe.

The song selection was spot on and the flow between each one is just magic. I knew this was going to be good but I was still blown away with how good this actually is.
He really is incredible. I couldn't choose a favorite album, but some of my favorites from this one are Black Out The Sun and God Walking Into The Room. I love how his songs across an album and across all albums maintain similar messages/ideas but in new, even more mind-blowing ways.

I love him so much.
That's a good way to explain his music and his style as an artist.

I always tell people that he's my favorite artist. The man is over flowing with talent.
I have his name listed under "Religious Views" on Facebook. :-)
THAT's great!
. . . I actually check facebook because of him.

He's really true about his music, that he uses his experiences and emotions to create this work of art.

He is a religion lol
aww, thank you for posting!

I LOVE the new album!
I listened to it at least once a day...if not more...
I ordered the collectors edition which is still on it's way to me, but thanks to it, I gut the album as DL too.

I can't really pick a song.

OK, maybe Roses!

Too bad, he did not sang it on tour.

Yes, I was at the London gig and could experience several songs of the album live. It was amazing!

I hope more people get aware of this fantastic album!
-_- I hate you. I so want to see him live. One day I will . . . one day.

More people need to know how amazing he is.
it took me 13 years

I am in the FC thanks to it, I entered 1 hour early and was close to the stage...
it was amazing!

emotional and funny!

he is the born entertainer!
;_; I am so jealous.

A friend got so see him live when Savage Garden was still around. She still says it was one of the best concerts she's ever been to.
the London one was for me one of the best I ever attend!

he is great...
we talked with him yesterday about the album, he was lovely
I've heard that a lot.

I always find his tweets adorable.
they are..
but nothing against what he wrote us in our FC forum some days ago...half of us had tears in their eyes...
To join the FC was one of my best decisions!

Deleted comment

Hmmm. . . Spin is mostly enjoyable for me. I actually only think that 2 songs are actually really good on it. I like the album and listened the hell out of it. But I like his later stuff a lot better. But that's only my opinion.

There is a song or two that does make me think of Savage Garden; something that surprised me, since he really hasn't had made anything like that since he went solo; except a few songs from Spin maybe.

Anyway Stupid Mistake is another good song . . . like the rest of the album.
i adore it ^_^ my fave songs would have to be
Taken by the sea
black out the sun
stupid mistake
god walking into the room
cruel cruel world